Zig & Sharko (2010)


Genre: Animation , Action , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Marina, a pretty little mermaid perched on a rock in the deep blue sea. Zig, a starving hyena on the island next door. With the help of his side-kick crab buddy, Bernie, they try to do anything to get his paws on Marina. But in the lagoon between them, lies Sharko: a shark who is in love with Marina, always ready to ruin the hyena’s crazy schemes to reach his prey. Read More



Episode 26: Aqua Golf
Episode 25: The Manic Mermaid
Episode 24: Silly Builders
Episode 23: Blown Up
Episode 22: Bamboozled
Episode 21: Lighthouse
Episode 20: Volcano Turbo
Episode 19: The Horribly hungry Hyena
Episode 18: Little Shrimp Buddy
Episode 17: A Tale of Two Legs
Episode 16: The Submarine
Episode 15: Hundreds of Kids and Counting
Episode 14: Nurse Marina
Episode 13: Waterski Hit
Episode 12: Digging Deep
Episode 11: A Lovesick Survivor
Episode 10: The Mermaid in the Sky
Episode 9: Cruising
Episode 8: Work in Progress
Episode 7: Mermaid's Pup
Episode 6: Cold Snap
Episode 5: Treasure Island Tricks
Episode 4: The Slick
Episode 3: King Neptune's Court
Episode 2: Desert Island Drought
Episode 1: Fishy Story