Yukon Men (2012)


Genre: Adventure , Reality-tv

Plot: Follow the men of Tanana, a remote village in Alaska by the Yukon River, on their everyday life throughout the four seasons. Every second counts, because as winter is getting closer and the days are getting shorter, they only have so much time to gather enough supplies to last through months of total darkness and extreme coldness. They will have to hunt, fish and trap to survive, and there is always a new problem to encounter with every task. Some will have to fight for their lives, while others will have to protect what's theirs from the wilderness. Read More



Episode 8: The Final Shot
Episode 7: The Edge
Episode 6: The Yukon Way
Episode 5: Drive to Survive
Episode 4: Desperate Measures
Episode 3: No Man's Land
Episode 2: From the Ashes
Episode 1: Tanana's Last Stand
Episode 9: Breaking Point
Episode 8: All In
Episode 7: Blood on their Hands
Episode 6: Life on the Line
Episode 5: Tanana's Test
Episode 4: Gut Check
Episode 3: On Thin Ice
Episode 1: Dark Days
Episode 8: Winter Takes All
Episode 7: Stan's Gamble
Episode 5: New Blood
Episode 4: Rising Sons
Episode 3: The Longest Day
Episode 2: A Day of Reckoning
Episode 8: Dead of Winter
Episode 7: Eeling and Dealing
Episode 5: Fresh Blood
Episode 4: Tough Choices
Episode 3: Hell Freezes Over
Episode 2: New Kid in Town
Episode 1: Feast or Famine
Episode 9: Last Chance (1)
Episode 8: Wheel of Misfortune
Episode 7: Logjam
Episode 6: Man Up, Move Out
Episode 5: Tragic Spring
Episode 4: On Thin Ice
Episode 3: Going for Broke
Episode 2: The Race for Fur
Episode 1: Hunt or Starve