Yukon Gold (2013)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Yukon Gold follows four gold mining crews who have only four short months in Canada's wild Yukon to earn one BIG payday. With the price of gold hovering at record-breaking levels, a modern day gold rush is underway. One good strike makes a man rich - one bad season takes him down for good. Battling mechanical breakdowns, the elements and 18-hour days under the midnight sun, these competitive diehards have gold fever - and it keeps them coming back year after year for another chance to wager it all. Read More



Episode 8: Winter's Grasp
Episode 7: The Razor’s Edge
Episode 6: The Cost of Gold
Episode 5: No Backing Down
Episode 4: Hard Lessons
Episode 3: The Hiro Curse
Episode 2: Bloodied, Not Beaten
Episode 1: Strike While the Iron Is Hot
Episode 11: Grits, Guts & Glory
Episode 10: Race to the Finish
Episode 9: Old Timers' Revenge
Episode 8: Double Down
Episode 7: Hurts Like Hell
Episode 6: Desperate Times
Episode 5: For Blood or Money
Episode 4: Embrace the Chaos
Episode 3: Hard Rain, Bad Luck
Episode 2: Treasure Hunt
Episode 1: Homecoming
Episode 11: Looking Back
Episode 10: Final Push
Episode 9: Home Stretch
Episode 8: Desperation Mode
Episode 7: Bedrock Blues
Episode 6: Financial Crisis
Episode 5: Divine Intervention
Episode 4: Under Pressure
Episode 3: Time Crunch
Episode 2: Game Changer
Episode 1: Fresh Start
Episode 10: Know When to Run
Episode 9: Know When to Fold 'Em
Episode 8: In It to Win It
Episode 7: All That Glitters Is Not Gold
Episode 6: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Episode 5: Know When to Hold 'Em
Episode 4: What Doesn't Kill You
Episode 3: It's Ours to Take
Episode 2: In for a Penny, in for a Pound
Episode 1: Behind the Eight Ball
Episode 10: Freeze Up
Episode 9: The Last Stand
Episode 8: Winter Gamble
Episode 7: Run for the Narrows
Episode 6: Never Say Die
Episode 5: Hard Days Night
Episode 4: Gold Fever!
Episode 3: The Curse of Moose Creek
Episode 2: No Deaths, No Worries
Episode 1: Sluice or Die