Young Dracula (2006)


Genre: Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Young Dracula is a British teenage horror drama television series airing on CBBC, loosely based on Young Dracula AND Young Monsters, a children's book by Michael Lawrence. Directed by Joss Agnew, the first series was broadcast in 2006, and the second series, which started in late 2007, concluded in early 2008. A third series was commissioned three years later and began airing on 31 October 2011, and a fourth began airing on 29 October 2012. The first two series follow the Dracula family, a family of vampires: Vladimir, his father Count Dracula, and older sister Ingrid. Having lived in Transylvania, they move to Stokely, a small town in Wales after various incidents involving angry peasant mobs. It was filmed in various locations around Wales, including Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf, Caerphilly Castle, Tretower Court and parts of Llantrisant. The third series, commissioned three years after the second, sees Vlad and the Count flee both vampires and slayers, while the Count is determined that Vlad should fulfil his destiny to become "the Chosen One". This series was filmed in Liverpool during 2011, in various locations including the disused Margaret Bevan School, Croxteth Hall and Stanley Docks. The fourth series follows on from season three's predicament and was helmed by a new director. Read More



Episode 13: The Darkest Hour (2)
Episode 12: The Darkest Hour (1)
Episode 11: Bite Me
Episode 10: Blood Match
Episode 9: The Bodyguard
Episode 8: Open House
Episode 7: Nemesis Rising
Episode 6: The Enemy Within
Episode 5: Warning Shadows
Episode 4: Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Episode 3: Flesh and Blood
Episode 2: Who's The Daddy
Episode 1: Fight or Flight
Episode 12: Cuckoo in the Nest
Episode 11: Bootiful Breathers
Episode 10: Whatever It Takes
Episode 9: Sun and Heir
Episode 8: Loyalty's for Breathers
Episode 7: Do The Bite Thing
Episode 6: Bloodbound
Episode 5: Murderer in the Midst
Episode 4: The Crown of Ludlaw Erant
Episode 3: Storm in a Blood Cup
Episode 2: Revamped
Episode 1: The Good, the Bad and the Undead
Episode 13: All for One
Episode 12: Blood Loyalties
Episode 11: Hit Chicks
Episode 10: The Return
Episode 9: Therapy
Episode 8: Bad Vlad
Episode 7: Bad to the Bone
Episode 6: Blood Thief
Episode 5: Carpathian Feast
Episode 4: Fangs for the Memories
Episode 3: Faustian Slip
Episode 2: The Enemy Within
Episode 1: Hide and Seek
Episode 13: The Chosen One
Episode 12: When Vampires Go Bad
Episode 11: Eclipse
Episode 10: Sweet Sixteen
Episode 9: Bodyswap
Episode 8: Love Bites
Episode 7: Insomnia
Episode 6: Baby Dracula
Episode 5: Dad's Back
Episode 4: Bad Reflection
Episode 3: Mirror Mirror
Episode 2: The Yanks Are Coming
Episode 1: Kidnipped
Episode 14: Countdown
Episode 13: The Blood Test
Episode 12: Halloscream
Episode 11: Father's Day
Episode 10: Blood Sport
Episode 9: The Sleepover
Episode 8: Blood Relations
Episode 7: A Matter of Life and Chess
Episode 6: Toothache
Episode 5: Like Father, Like Son
Episode 4: Slaytime TV
Episode 3: Mummy Returns
Episode 2: Dead-Ucation
Episode 1: When You're a Stranger