You Can't Ask That (2016)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: You Can't Ask That is about breaking down stereotypes and offering genuine insight into the lives of people who live with labels. The series gives an unmediated platform to some of the most misunderstood or marginalized people in our country: short statured, wheelchair users, transgender, Muslims, ex-prisoners, fat, Indigenous, sex workers, terminally ill, and people in polyamorous relationships. You Can't Ask That invited Australians to anonymously send in the naive, cheeky or uncomfortable questions they wish they could ask these groups of people, but never had the courage to ask in person. By putting these questions directly to our guests, You Can't Ask That features confronting, moving and surprising answers to the awkward questions we often judge people by. You Can't Ask That is moving, insightful and refreshingly inappropriate, offering some of the most judged and least understood people in our community a platform to speak directly to Australia. Read More



Episode 8: Adult Virgins
Episode 7: Chinese Australians
Episode 6: Lesbians
Episode 5: Families of Missing Persons
Episode 4: Amputees
Episode 3: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Episode 2: Ex-Football Players
Episode 1: Cheaters
Episode 8: Kids
Episode 7: Public Housing
Episode 6: Olympic and Paralympic Gold Medalists
Episode 4: Autism Spectrum
Episode 3: Killed Someone
Episode 2: Nudists
Episode 1: Firefighters
Episode 8: Disaster Survivors
Episode 7: Deaf
Episode 6: Alcoholics
Episode 5: Ex-Politicians
Episode 4: Carnies and Show People
Episode 3: Intersex
Episode 1: Domestic and Family Violence
Episode 8: Priests
Episode 6: Schizophrenia
Episode 5: Swingers
Episode 4: Eating Disorders
Episode 3: Former Cult Members
Episode 2: Ex-Reality TV Stars
Episode 8: Children of Same-Sex Parents
Episode 7: Ice Users
Episode 6: Refugees
Episode 5: Facial Difference
Episode 4: Recent War Veterans
Episode 3: Suicide Attempt Survivors
Episode 2: Down Syndrome
Episode 1: Blind People
Episode 8: Indigenous
Episode 7: Fat
Episode 6: Ex-Prisoners
Episode 5: Polyamorous
Episode 4: Muslims
Episode 3: Transgender
Episode 1: Short Statured