X-Men: Evolution (2000)


Genre: Animation , Action , Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: Professor Charles Francis Xavier, who has the mutant ability to read minds, searches for new mutants to train them how to use their powers for good and to prevent the mutants from harming themselves and others at his School for Gifted Youngsters. His opposition, Magneto "Master of Magnetism", is doing the same thing, but for evil purposes. He has made Mystique who is a shape-shifter, a principle of his high school to gather evil mutants to prepare them for war against non-mutants. The most interesting plot of the story is that all the heroes and villains attend the same high school. The classic battle of good vs. evil has begun again. Read More



Episode 9: Ascension Part 2
Episode 8: Ascension Part 1
Episode 6: Cajun Spice
Episode 5: Uprising
Episode 4: Sins of the Son
Episode 3: Target X
Episode 2: No Good Deed
Episode 1: Impact
Episode 13: Dark Horizon Part 2
Episode 12: Dark Horizon Part 1
Episode 11: X23
Episode 10: Cruise Control
Episode 9: Under Lock and Key
Episode 8: Self Possessed
Episode 7: The Toad, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Episode 6: X-Treme Measures
Episode 5: Blind Alley
Episode 4: The Stuff of Villains
Episode 3: Mainstream
Episode 2: The Stuff of Heroes
Episode 1: Day of Recovery
Episode 16: Day of Reckoning Part 1
Episode 15: The HeX Factor
Episode 14: Retreat
Episode 13: Shadow Dance
Episode 12: Mindbender
Episode 11: Operation Rebirth
Episode 10: Walk on the Wild Side
Episode 9: Joyride
Episode 8: African Storm
Episode 7: On Angel's Wings
Episode 6: Adrift
Episode 5: The Beast of Bayville
Episode 4: Fun and Games
Episode 3: Bada-Bing Bada-Boom
Episode 2: Power Surge
Episode 1: Growing Pains
Episode 13: The Cauldron Part 2
Episode 12: The Cauldron Part 1
Episode 11: Grim Reminder
Episode 10: Shadowed Past
Episode 9: Survival of the Fittest
Episode 8: SpykeCam
Episode 7: Turn of the Rogue
Episode 6: Middleverse
Episode 5: Speed and Spyke
Episode 4: Mutant Crush
Episode 3: Rogue Recruit
Episode 2: The X-Impulse
Episode 1: Strategy X