WW2 Treasure Hunters (2017)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: WW2 Treasure Hunters pairs Britain's foremost amateur WW2 detectorist with Madness frontman Suggs, as they uncover historical finds from across the UK. Using state-of-the-art technology, original WW2 archives and maps, the pair work together to identify the best places to dig at forgotten sites, including former military bases, airfields, POW camps and barracks. Once located, they then go on to perform extensive digs to excavate the relics. As the artefacts are unearthed, the presenters turn detective, revealing the stories and people behind the finds. They meet with survivors, experts and historians to understand what happened at each of the locations. Read More



Episode 7: D-Day Dress Rehearsal
Episode 6: Pathfinder
Episode 5: Forgotten Bomber
Episode 4: Spitfire
Episode 3: Top Secret Arms Depot
Episode 2: Hull Blitz
Episode 1: WW1 Special
Episode 8: American Fly Boys
Episode 7: Bomb Factory
Episode 6: D-Day Undercover
Episode 5: American Bombers in Suffolk
Episode 4: 82nd Airborne and German POWS
Episode 3: Tank in a Vineyard
Episode 2: Douglas Bader and the Duxford Fliers
Episode 1: German Bomber in Liverpool