Worzel Gummidge (1979)


Genre: Family , Comedy , Drama

Plot: Based on the children's books by Barbara Euphan Todd, this series concerns the adventures of Worzel Gummidge, a scarecrow, and his love Aunt Sally, a life-size wooden fairground doll, both of whom can walk and talk and pass themselves off as human. The only people in on their secret are a couple of children, John and Susan. The Crowman, who created Worzel, also provided him with a set of different heads for different tasks: a thinking head, a brave head, a counting head and a clever head. Made by Southern Television for the ITV network. Read More



Episode 7: Worzel's Birthday
Episode 6: The Golden Hind
Episode 5: Will the Real Aunt Sally...?
Episode 4: Worzel in Revolt
Episode 2: The Return of Dolly Clothes-Peg
Episode 1: Muvvers Day
Episode 9: A Cup o' Tea an' a Slice o' Cake (1)
Episode 8: Choir Practice
Episode 7: Captain Worzel
Episode 6: The Return of Dafthead
Episode 5: Worzel's Wager
Episode 4: Worzel the Brave
Episode 3: A Fair Old Pullover
Episode 2: Dolly Clothes-Peg
Episode 1: Moving On
Episode 8: The Scarecrow Wedding
Episode 7: Fire Drill
Episode 6: Worzel in the Limelight
Episode 5: Very Good, Worzel
Episode 4: The Trial of Worzel Gummidge
Episode 3: A Fishy Tale
Episode 2: Worzel's Nephew
Episode 1: Worzel and the Saucy Nancy
Episode 7: The Scarecrow Hop
Episode 6: Worzel Pays a Visit
Episode 5: A Little Learning
Episode 4: The Crowman
Episode 3: Aunt Sally
Episode 2: A Home Fit for Scarecrows
Episode 1: Worzel's Washing Day