World of Winx (2016)


Genre: Animation , Action , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Mystery

Plot: In "Winx Club WOW", the winxs embark on a journey through the world looking for talented young people in areas such as arts, music and science. As participants of the reality TV program WOW !, the Winx have to travel the world in a secret mission: to make the dreams of talented children come true! The boys and girls that they are have their own magic, and fairy Winx Club are delighted. With so much magic, the confusion is not slow, and Bloom and her friends are faced with a new and dangerous mystery. The Winx Club fans will love the new approach with more serialized stories and designed specifically for viewing on demand to subscribers of Netflix. Read More



Episode 13: Tinkerbell Is Back
Episode 12: Old Friends and New Enemies
Episode 11: Jim's Revenge
Episode 10: Technomagic Trap
Episode 9: A Hero Will Come
Episode 8: Tiger Lily
Episode 7: A Flower in the Snow
Episode 6: The Girl in the Stars
Episode 5: Fashion School Thrills
Episode 4: Mermaids on Earth
Episode 3: The Alligator Man
Episode 2: Peter Pan's Son
Episode 1: Neverland
Episode 13: The Fall of the Queen
Episode 12: The Watchmaker
Episode 11: Shadows on the Snow
Episode 10: Dangerous Waters
Episode 9: Shattered Dreams
Episode 8: The Shaman
Episode 7: The Chef Contest
Episode 6: The Fashion Week
Episode 5: Stylist Wanted
Episode 4: The Monster Under the City
Episode 3: The Legend of the Crocodile Man
Episode 2: New Powers
Episode 1: The Talent Thief