World of Weapons (2020)


Genre: History

Plot: Weapons comprise an ever-evolving arsenal that has transformed combat – helping build empires, destroy them and deter aggression. This series highlights some of the world’s most important and innovative weapons and how and why they work, what problems they solve on the battlefield and give fresh insight into their role in history. Along the way, renowned international experts look at weapons and war as a way to explain human progress and how they may determine our fate. Read More



Episode 10: Civilians on the Battlefield
Episode 9: Deadly Inventions
Episode 8: The Ambush
Episode 7: War at Sea
Episode 6: The Power of Destruction
Episode 5: Faster than the Enemy
Episode 4: Weapons for All
Episode 3: Close Combat
Episode 2: Attack From Above
Episode 1: Ranged Weapons