Witchblade (2000)


Genre: Action , Drama , Fantasy

Plot: This is the story of a New York detective, Sara "Pez" Pezzini. Her search for justice brings her into contact with the Witchblade, an ancient, intelligent, living weapon so powerful it can battle Earth's darkest evil forces. Week in and week out, "Pez" employs her skills as a police detective to fight crime. She finds she must employ the Witchblade to combat a much greater and frighteningly organized conspiracy of evil that threatens the very soul of humanity. As Sara tries to keep the secret of the Witchblade, do her job and have a personal life, she finds that her most formidable adversary may be the Witchblade itself. Read More



Episode 12: Ubique
Episode 11: Palindrome
Episode 10: Parabolic
Episode 9: Veritas
Episode 8: Hierophant
Episode 7: Lagrimas
Episode 6: Nailed
Episode 5: Static
Episode 4: Consectatio
Episode 3: Agape
Episode 2: Destiny
Episode 1: Emergence
Episode 11: Transcendence
Episode 10: Convergence
Episode 9: Apprehension
Episode 8: Thanatopis
Episode 7: Periculum
Episode 6: Maelstrom
Episode 5: Legion
Episode 4: Sacrifice
Episode 3: Diplopia
Episode 2: Conundrum
Episode 1: Parallax