Wishfart (2017)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Fantasy

Plot: Dez, a maverick preteen leprechaun with rookie wish-granting powers, goes on wild escapades with his friends, a Japanese ghost girl named Akiko and a puffin called Puffin, as they wrastle with wishes gone fantastically out of control. Read More



Episode 40: Happy Green Weirdo Day!
Episode 39: Clown Shoes Never Solved Anything
Episode 38: Chopped Salad!
Episode 37: Needs Ketchup
Episode 36: We Are Cheetah Face!
Episode 35: We Can Eat Sand!
Episode 34: You've Been Funky Warlocked
Episode 33: Chill, Moms
Episode 32: Customer Service It My Jam
Episode 31: Ciao, Bright Eyes
Episode 30: Agita Una Gamba!
Episode 29: Classic Uncle Phil
Episode 28: Knit Harder
Episode 27: In Your Face, Wishpowers!
Episode 26: Christmas Times the Max
Episode 25: Team Shazamrock
Episode 24: Gross But Noble
Episode 23: Guess What Picasso?
Episode 22: Strangely Perfect
Episode 21: Warmer Pants for the King
Episode 20: And They Ate the Goldfish
Episode 19: Clip, Clop, We Won't Stop
Episode 18: Million Mo' Wishes
Episode 17: Hot Spicy Breath
Episode 16: I Wear This Hat Ironically
Episode 15: It's Cake Time, Bro
Episode 14: Le Sigh
Episode 13: Why Don't We All Have Capes?
Episode 12: We're a Ragtag Team
Episode 11: Normal Sad
Episode 10: Goodbye Short Pants
Episode 9: Spicy is Paradisey
Episode 8: Baby... Seal... Thingy
Episode 7: Does This Please the Jigmaster?
Episode 6: Let's Ditch Dorkus
Episode 5: Aw, Man!
Episode 4: Litterfools Ain't Cool
Episode 3: What's Up P. Buddy?
Episode 2: Chopstick Jab
Episode 1: Cartwheel, Cartwheel, Cartwheel