Wishbone (1995)


Genre: Adventure , Comedy , Family

Plot: Wishbone the dog serves as a canine bridge between life and literature as he embarks on exciting journeys that include elements of action, adventure and comedy. In each of the 40 half-hour episodes, Wishbone the dog's escapades with the children and families of the fictional town of Oakdale, U.S.A., trigger a series of daydreams. In these daydreams, Wishbone imagines himself as a character in signature, modern-day scenes that parallel the storylines from classic literature, emphasizing the timeless and universal themes explored in these classic tales. Read More



Episode 10: The Roamin' Nose
Episode 9: Pup Fiction
Episode 8: Barking at Buddha
Episode 7: Moonbone
Episode 6: War of the Noses
Episode 5: Bone of Contention
Episode 4: Groomed for Greatness
Episode 3: The Prince of Wags
Episode 1: Halloween Hound: The Legend of the Creepy Collars (1)
Episode 40: Picks of the Litter
Episode 39: Rushin' to the Bone
Episode 38: Dances With Dogs
Episode 37: Pantin' at the Opera
Episode 36: The Entrepawneur
Episode 35: !Viva Wishbone!
Episode 34: Hercules Unleashed
Episode 33: Muttketeer!
Episode 32: Shakespaw
Episode 31: Terrified Terrier
Episode 30: A Dogged Expose
Episode 29: Little Big Dog
Episode 28: Salty Dog
Episode 27: The Count's Account
Episode 26: The Prince and The Pooch
Episode 25: Furst Impressions
Episode 24: Paw Prints of Thieves
Episode 23: Bark to the Future
Episode 22: The Pawloined Paper
Episode 21: The Canine Cure
Episode 20: Mixed Breeds
Episode 19: One Thousand and One Tails
Episode 18: Hot Diggety Dawg
Episode 17: Frankenbone
Episode 16: A Tale of Two Sitters
Episode 15: Golden Retrieved
Episode 14: The Hunchdog of Notre Dame
Episode 13: Sniffing the Gauntlet
Episode 12: Fleabitten Bargain
Episode 11: The Impawssible Dream
Episode 10: Bone of Arc
Episode 9: Digging Up the Past
Episode 8: The Slobbery Hound
Episode 7: Cyranose
Episode 6: Bark That Bark
Episode 5: Homer Sweet Homer
Episode 4: Rosie, Oh, Rosie, Oh!
Episode 3: Twisted Tail
Episode 2: A Tail in Twain (2)
Episode 1: A Tail in Twain (1)