Winx Club (2004)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Thriller

Plot: In a magical universe, witches, warriors begin fighting in the name of good vs. evil. A group of five teenaged girls where choosen to defend the universe with their magical powers. They're smart, They're stylish and they are magical fairies, They are the Winx Club. The Winx Club must defend their universe from having it be turned into darkness and terror by the Senior Witches. The magic is in you on the Winx Club. Read More



Episode 16: Zombie Invasion
Episode 15: Mystery of Calavera
Episode 14: Mythix
Episode 13: The Fairy Godmother
Episode 12: Shimmer in the Shadows
Episode 11: Broken Dreams
Episode 10: The Secret Greenhouse
Episode 9: Shrine of the Green Dragon
Episode 8: Attack of the Sphinx
Episode 7: The Lost Library
Episode 6: Vortex Of Flames
Episode 5: The Golden Auditorium
Episode 4: Bloomix Power
Episode 3: The Flying School
Episode 2: The Legendarium
Episode 1: Inspiration of Sirenix