Wild Kratts (2011)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Family

Plot: Chris and Martin Kratt are brothers who explore the wild throughout the world to learn more about animals and share conservation information. They have three friends who travel in the Tortuga HQ with them named Aviva, Koki and Jimmy Z. The brothers have creature power suits that allow them to experience what it's like to be the animals they find. The team helps them by creating power suit creature disks for each animal they study. They also bring them supplies and help them out of tricky situations when their adventures get dicey. The group has to overcome villains as well, like a chef who wants to serve endangered species on his menu, or a clothing designer who wants to trap and use live animals to make her clothing line, or a tech villain who wants to turn animals into robots to do his bidding. All of the villains have no regard for nature or conservation. Wild Kratts is a great cartoon adventure show for kids where they can learn about new animals and why conservation is so important! Written by Nature Kid's Mom Read More



Episode 7: Wild Ponies
Episode 5: Fire Salamander
Episode 4: The Cobra King
Episode 3: The Dhole Duplicator
Episode 2: Temple of Tigers
Episode 1: Mystery of the North Pole Penguins?
Episode 24: Musk Ox Mania
Episode 23: Cheetah Adopted
Episode 22: Baby Tooth and Kid Musky
Episode 21: This Orca Likes Sharks
Episode 20: Archerfish School
Episode 19: The Mystery of the Two Horned Narwhal
Episode 18: Eel-lectric!
Episode 17: Puffin Rescue
Episode 16: Snowy Owl Invasion
Episode 15: Liturgusa Krattorum
Episode 13: Creatures of the Deep Sea-Part 1
Episode 12: The Colors of China
Episode 11: Red Panda Rescue
Episode 10: Golden Snub Nosed Monkey Man
Episode 9: Pangolin Rescue
Episode 8: Panda Power Up!
Episode 7: Spirit Bear
Episode 6: Animals Who Live to be 100 Years Old
Episode 5: Sea Otter Swim
Episode 4: The Other Martins
Episode 3: Box Turtled In!
Episode 2: Stars of the Tides
Episode 1: The Last Largest Lobster
Episode 26: Mini Madagascar
Episode 25: Fossa Palooza!
Episode 24: Golden Bamboo Lemur
Episode 23: Lemur Legs
Episode 22: Tenrec Treasure Hunt
Episode 21: Aye Aye
Episode 20: Capture the Fishmobile
Episode 19: Lemur Stink Fight
Episode 18: Chameleons on Target
Episode 17: Under Frozen Pond
Episode 16: Praying Mantis
Episode 15: Opossum in My Pocket
Episode 14: Search for the Florida Panther
Episode 13: Slider: The Otter
Episode 12: Mosquito Dragon
Episode 11: Crocogator Contest
Episode 10: Mystery on the Prairie
Episode 9: Prairie Who?
Episode 8: The Amazing Creature Race
Episode 7: Back in Creature Time, Part 2 - Tasmanian Tiger
Episode 6: Back in Creature Time, Part 1 - Day of the Dodo
Episode 5: Osprey
Episode 4: When Fish Fly
Episode 3: Bandito: The Black-Footed Ferret
Episode 2: Where the Bison Roam
Episode 1: Hermit Crab Shell Exchange
Episode 26: Groundhog Wakeup Call
Episode 25: Journey to the Subnivean Zone
Episode 24: Desert Elves
Episode 23: Shadow: The Black Jaguar
Episode 22: Bugs or Monkeys?
Episode 21: Gila Monster Under My House
Episode 20: Skunked!
Episode 19: Rattlesnake Crystal
Episode 18: Attack of the Tree Eating Aliens
Episode 17: Rocket Jaw: Rescuer of the Reef
Episode 16: Road Runner
Episode 15: Tortuga Tune-Up
Episode 14: Snow Runners
Episode 13: Aqua Frog
Episode 12: Seahorse Rodeo
Episode 11: Rainforest Stew
Episode 10: To Touch a Hummingbird
Episode 9: Blowfish Blowout
Episode 8: Speaking Dolphinese
Episode 7: Neck and Neck
Episode 6: Happy Turkey Day
Episode 5: Secrets of the Spider's Web
Episode 4: Termites Versus Tongues
Episode 3: Creature Power Challenge
Episode 2: Race for the Hippo Disc
Episode 1: Bad Hair Day
Episode 40: Quillber’s Birthday Present
Episode 39: Googly Eye The Night Guru
Episode 38: The Gecko Effect
Episode 37: Seasquatch
Episode 36: Birds of a Feather
Episode 35: A Huge Orange Problem
Episode 34: Zig-Zagged
Episode 33: Caracal-Minton
Episode 32: Flight of the Pollinators
Episode 31: The Food Chain Game
Episode 30: Ker-honk
Episode 29: Masked Bandits
Episode 28: A Bat in the Brownies
Episode 27: Raptor Roundup
Episode 26: Little Howler
Episode 25: Mimic
Episode 24: Stuck on Sharks
Episode 23: Cheetah Racer
Episode 22: Koala Balloon
Episode 21: Kickin’ it with the Roos
Episode 20: The Blue and the Gray
Episode 19: Falcon City
Episode 18: Let the Rhinos Roll!
Episode 17: Elephant in the Room
Episode 16: Walk on the Wetside
Episode 15: Octopus Wildkratticus
Episode 14: Tazzy Chris
Episode 13: Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus
Episode 12: Fireflies
Episode 11: Bass Class
Episode 10: Honey Seekers
Episode 9: Voyage of the Butterflier XT
Episode 8: Build It Beaver
Episode 7: Polar Bears Don't Dance
Episode 6: Platypus Cafe
Episode 5: Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy
Episode 4: Flight of the Draco
Episode 3: Aardvark Town
Episode 2: Whale of a Squid
Episode 1: Mom of a Croc