What on Earth? (2015)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Satellites orbit Earth at 17,000 miles an hour, capturing images of our world that are breathtaking, but some are bizarre. This unique perspective reveals objects that seem to make no sense & phenomena that defy explanation. Such images force the question, what on Earth is that? Read More



Episode 20: The Curse of Merlin
Episode 19: Forbidden Cities of the Maya
Episode 18: Hunt for El Dorado
Episode 17: Grand Canyon of the Arctic
Episode 16: Siberian Hell Pit
Episode 15: Lost Empire of the Amazon
Episode 14: Bloody Secret of the Lost City
Episode 13: Strange Symbols in the Desert
Episode 12: Curse of the Sea Monster
Episode 11: Ghost of Zorro
Episode 10: Inside El Chapo's Escape
Episode 9: The Swastika Conspiracy
Episode 8: Raiders of the Holy Lance
Episode 7: Dagger of Tutankhamun
Episode 6: Gateway to Eden
Episode 5: Did We Find Flight 370?
Episode 4: Stonehenge of the Holy Land
Episode 3: Riddle in the Ruins
Episode 2: Mystery in the Outback
Episode 1: Lost Treasures of the Grand Canyon
Episode 6: Hidden Tomb of Genghis Khan
Episode 5: Curse of the Lost Kingdom
Episode 4: Who Built Supervillain Island?
Episode 3: Lost City of the Kalahari
Episode 2: Secret of Doomsday Mountain
Episode 1: Finding Vietnam's Lost POWs