War Planets: Shadow Raiders (1998)


Genre: Animation , Action , Sci-fi

Plot: At the destruction of Planet Tek at the hands of the planet-consuming Beast planet, Princess Tekla is the sole survivor. In desperation, she reaches a system where four planets named respectively Fire, Bone, Rock and Ice who continually raid each other for the resources that each planet needs. She crashlands on planet Ice where one such raid by the Rock people was confronted by the Ice people. A raiding party from the Beast attacks to silence her, but while they exterminate almost all the combatants, they are beaten back with the help of Graveheart, a miner of the Rock people and King Cryos of Ice. Princess Tekla appoints Graveheart with a massive critical task. Against all odds, he must build an alliance among the worlds to face the horror that is to come. Read More



Episode 13: Ascension
Episode 12: The Long Road Home
Episode 11: Death of a King
Episode 10: Nor Iron Bars a Cage
Episode 9: Divided We Stand
Episode 8: Embers of the Past
Episode 7: Time Bomb
Episode 6: Night on the Town
Episode 5: SandStorm
Episode 4: Blaze of Glory
Episode 3: Period of Adjustment
Episode 2: This is the way the World Ends...
Episode 1: Worlds within Worlds
Episode 13: RagnaRok: Part Two
Episode 12: RagnaRok: Part One
Episode 11: Uneasy Hangs the Head
Episode 10: Against all Odds
Episode 9: Rock and Ruin
Episode 8: Blood is Thicker...
Episode 7: J'Accuse
Episode 6: Mind War
Episode 5: Wolf in the Fold
Episode 4: Bad to the Bone
Episode 3: Born in Fire
Episode 2: On the Rocks
Episode 1: Behold the Beast