Wander Over Yonder (2013)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , Sci-fi , Musical

Plot: The adventures of Wander, an eternally-optimistic intergalactic traveler and constant do-gooder, and his quick-tempered but loyal steed and best friend, Sylvia. The friendliest face in outer space, Wander journeys across the galaxies to spread good cheer and to help anyone he can — much to his overly pragmatic stallion’s chagrin. Their fun-loving escapades often lead them to clash with the evil villain Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs, who travel from planet to planet trying to make hate the order of the day. Together, the best friends travel through the cosmos, happening upon one freewheeling adventure after another and making new friends and foes. Read More



Episode 40: The End of the Galaxy
Episode 38: The Robomechabotatron
Episode 36: The Sick Day
Episode 34: The Search for Captain Tim
Episode 32: The Hot Shot
Episode 31: The Waste of Time
Episode 30: The Party Poopers
Episode 28: The Legend
Episode 27: My Fair Hatey
Episode 25: The Family Reunion
Episode 23: The Cartoon
Episode 19: The Secret Planet
Episode 17: The Black Cube
Episode 15: The Matchmaker
Episode 14: The Battle Royale
Episode 12: The Rager
Episode 11: The Catastrophe
Episode 10: The Cool Guy
Episode 8: The Loose Screw
Episode 7: The Axe
Episode 6: The Wanders
Episode 4: The Fremergency Fronfract
Episode 2: The Big Day
Episode 1: The Greater Hater
Episode 38: The Helper
Episode 37: The Big Job
Episode 35: The Gift
Episode 33: The Date
Episode 31: The Liar
Episode 29: The Funk
Episode 27: The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty
Episode 25: The Party Animal
Episode 23: The Lonely Planet
Episode 21: The Day
Episode 19: The Fancy Party
Episode 17: The Nice Guy
Episode 15: The Hero
Episode 13: The Bounty
Episode 12: The Little Guy
Episode 10: The Box
Episode 8: The Bad Guy
Episode 6: The Prisoner
Episode 5: The Good Deed
Episode 3: The Picnic
Episode 1: The Greatest