VR Troopers (1994)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Family , Sci-fi

Plot: Industrialist Carl Ziktor's virtual alter-ego Grimlord worked on the creation of an army made of warrior robots. And, before he became missing for two years, Ryan Steel's father worked with Professor Hart to prevent Grimlord's efforts by developing the ultimate weapon using the most advanced technology man had ever seen to stop him. Now, with the help of his friends J.B. and Kaitlin, Ryan and his friends use the VR power to prevent Grimlord's army from crossing over into our reality from Virtual Reality--and ruling it. However, will Ryan ever find his father? Written by Dairenn Lombard Read More



Episode 40: Galileo's New Memory
Episode 39: Time Out
Episode 38: Grimlord's Dummy
Episode 37: The Ghost of Cross World Forrest
Episode 36: Despera Strikes Back
Episode 35: The Duplitron Dilemma
Episode 34: Field and Scream
Episode 33: Grimlord's Big Breakout
Episode 32: Get Me to the Lab on Time
Episode 31: Magnetic Attraction
Episode 30: A Hard Day's Mutant
Episode 29: Dream Battle
Episode 28: The Charmeeka Invasion
Episode 27: Santa's Secret Trooper
Episode 26: Into Oraclon's Web
Episode 25: Forward into the Past
Episode 24: On the Wrong Track
Episode 23: Grimlord's Dark Secret (2)
Episode 22: Grimlord's Dark Secret (1)
Episode 21: The Millennium Sabre
Episode 20: Grimlord's Children
Episode 19: New World Order
Episode 18: Virtual Venom
Episode 17: The Disk
Episode 16: Grimlord Takes Root
Episode 15: Kaitlin Goes Hollywood
Episode 14: Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass (2)
Episode 13: Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass (1)
Episode 12: The Negative Factor
Episode 11: Watered Down
Episode 10: Game Over
Episode 9: Fashion Victims
Episode 8: Quest for Power (5)
Episode 7: Quest for Power (4)
Episode 6: Quest for Power (3)
Episode 5: Quest for Power (2)
Episode 4: Quest for Power (1)
Episode 3: Secret Power
Episode 2: Trooper out of Time
Episode 1: Mutant Mutiny
Episode 52: The Rise of the Red Python (2)
Episode 51: The Rise of the Red Python (1)
Episode 50: Message from Space
Episode 49: New Kids on the Planet
Episode 48: Virtually Powerless
Episode 47: Fiddler on the Loose
Episode 46: Race to the Rescue
Episode 45: The Old Switcharoo
Episode 44: The Couch Potato Kid
Episode 43: Who's King of the Mountain?
Episode 42: The Transmutant
Episode 41: Good Trooper, Bad Trooper
Episode 40: Friends in Need
Episode 39: The Reality Virus
Episode 38: The Littlest Trooper
Episode 37: Field Goal
Episode 36: Endangered Species
Episode 35: Ghost Biker
Episode 34: Defending Dark Heart (4)
Episode 33: Defending Dark Heart (3)
Episode 32: Defending Dark Heart (2)
Episode 31: Defending Dark Heart (1)
Episode 30: Small But Mighty
Episode 29: Danger in the Deep
Episode 28: Three Strikes
Episode 27: Grimlord's House of Fear
Episode 26: Secret Admirer
Episode 25: Nightmares
Episode 24: The Disappearance
Episode 23: Grimlord's Greatest Hits
Episode 22: The Dojo Plot
Episode 21: The Great Brain Robbery
Episode 20: Digging for Fire
Episode 19: My Dog's Girlfriend
Episode 18: The Dognapping
Episode 17: Kaitlin's Front Page
Episode 16: A Dirty Trick
Episode 15: Save the Trees
Episode 14: Searching for Tyler Steele
Episode 13: Dogmatic Change
Episode 12: No One's Friend
Episode 11: The Virtual V-6
Episode 10: The Virtual Spy
Episode 9: Katlin's Little Helper
Episode 8: Computer Captive
Episode 7: Grimlord's Challenge
Episode 6: Oh Brother
Episode 5: Battle for the Books
Episode 4: Lost Memories
Episode 3: Error in the System
Episode 2: The Battle Begins (2)
Episode 1: The Battle Begins (1)