Voltron Force (2011)


Genre: Animation , Sci-fi

Plot: After the defeat of King Lotor, the team responsible for this victory, the Voltron Force, was disgraced when the Voltron Lions went berserk and were taken out of commission without investigating the cause. Years later, with the team out of action, it seems Voltron is gone for good. However, the team secretly has other plans, which come in handy when new threats revive Lotor to help threaten the galaxy again. Now the team, with a new generation of cadets in training to help them, have brought Voltron back online to protect the Universe. Read More



Episode 26: Black
Episode 25: Deceive and Conquer
Episode 24: The Army of One
Episode 23: Roots of Evil
Episode 22: Crossed Signals
Episode 21: I, Voltron
Episode 20: Dradin, Baby, Dradin
Episode 19: Five Forged
Episode 18: Gary
Episode 17: Ghost in the Lion
Episode 16: Brains
Episode 15: Rogue Trip
Episode 14: Inside the Music
Episode 13: Clash of the Lions
Episode 12: Hungry for Voltron
Episode 11: Predator Robeast
Episode 10: Wanted and Unwanted
Episode 9: Dark Blue
Episode 8: Flash Form Go!
Episode 7: Lion Riders Return
Episode 6: The Hunkyard
Episode 5: Joyride to Doom
Episode 4: Coran, Coran
Episode 3: Defenders of the Universe
Episode 2: Defenders of Arus
Episode 1: New School Defenders