Viva La Bam (2003)


Genre: Comedy , Reality-tv

Plot: Viva La Bam was an American reality television series that stars Bam Margera and his friends and family. The show was a spin-off from MTV's Jackass, in which Margera and most of the main cast had appeared. Each episode had a specific theme, mission, or challenge which was normally accomplished by performing pranks, skateboarding, and enlisting the help of friends, relations and experts. Although partly improvised, the show was supported by a greater degree of planning and organization. Read More



Episode 8: Finlandia
Episode 7: Bam on the River
Episode 6: Where's Vito?
Episode 5: Limo vs. Lambo
Episode 4: Metal Mulisha
Episode 3: Vito's Revenge
Episode 2: Ape's Birthday Surprise
Episode 1: Viva La Brazil
Episode 8: CKY Challenge
Episode 7: Mexico
Episode 6: Groundhog Day
Episode 5: Bam on the Bayou
Episode 4: State of Bam
Episode 3: CKY Gets Jobs
Episode 2: Viva La Europe (2)
Episode 1: Viva La Europe (1)
Episode 8: Bamiature Golf
Episode 7: Mall of Bam
Episode 6: Angry Ape
Episode 5: Mutiny on the Bam
Episode 4: Rockstars
Episode 3: Fort Knoxville
Episode 2: Uncivil War
Episode 1: Drive-Way Skate Park
Episode 8: Demo Derby
Episode 7: Tree Top Casino
Episode 6: Community Disservice
Episode 5: Mardi Gras (2)
Episode 4: Mardi Gras (1)
Episode 3: Fat Boy Face-Off
Episode 2: Dating Don Vito
Episode 1: Castle Bam
Episode 8: The Scavenger Hunt
Episode 7: April Gets Revenge
Episode 6: A Very Merry Margera Christmas
Episode 5: Paint Phil Blue & Other Stories
Episode 4: Viva Las Vegas
Episode 3: The Family Reunion
Episode 2: Don't Feed Phil
Episode 1: Phil's Hell Day (a.k.a. Bam's Skate Park)