Vegas Rat Rods (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Steve Darnell and his team of rat rod specialists are master automotive fabricators. They work out of a sprawling garage, Welder Up, on the outskirts of the Las Vegas Strip, re-building one-of-a-kind Mad Max-style "rat rod" cars out of hidden treasure for quirky customers. From a shotgun gearshift and mason jar tail lights, to death row electric chair car seats and horseshoe gas peddles, each rat rod featured on VEGAS RAT RODS is equal parts discarded treasure, high-tech performance parts and wild imagination from Darnell and his entire team. Read More



Episode 13: Model A Mayhem
Episode 12: Bussin' Out
Episode 10: The Real Iron Man Revealed
Episode 9: Iron Man and the Mullet
Episode 8: Curse of the Haunted Rod
Episode 7: Tricks No Treats
Episode 6: One Big Gas Car
Episode 4: Joker's Wild
Episode 3: Heroes and Villains
Episode 2: Race and Reveal
Episode 1: Stevel Darneval
Episode 7: Model A Mayhem
Episode 5: Son of A...
Episode 4: Power Packing F100 Pickup
Episode 2: Timber Busting Diamond T
Episode 1: Freakshow on Wheels
Episode 7: Viva Las Vegas
Episode 5: Battle of the Model B
Episode 2: Stampede Rod
Episode 8: Bitchin' Rod
Episode 7: Fruit Rod
Episode 6: Pickup Rod
Episode 5: Tuxedo Rod
Episode 4: Mack Rod
Episode 3: Electro Rod
Episode 2: Ranch Rod
Episode 1: Salt Flat Rod