V (1984)


Plot: This series features the characters from the two mini-series about aliens coming to Earth claiming to be friends but in reality have an ulterior motive. The aliens may have been beaten in the mini-series but there are still a lot of them out there. In this series, Nathan Bates, the industrialist who manufactures the biological weapon that was used to defeat the aliens, wants to get his hands on the aliens' technology, so that he could profit from it, makes a deal with Diana, the alien leader. Rebel leaders, Mike Donovan, Ham Tyler, and Julie Parish know that Diana can't be trusted, so they are constantly trying to figure out what Diana is up to and stop her. Read More



Episode 19: Breakout
Episode 18: The Return
Episode 17: The Secret Underground
Episode 16: War of Illusions
Episode 15: The Littlest Dragon
Episode 14: The Wildcats
Episode 13: The Champion
Episode 12: The Rescue
Episode 11: The Betrayal
Episode 10: The Hero
Episode 9: The Conversion
Episode 8: Reflections in Terror
Episode 7: The Dissident
Episode 6: The Overlord
Episode 5: Visitor's Choice
Episode 4: The Sanction
Episode 3: The Deception
Episode 2: Dreadnought
Episode 1: Liberation Day