Utopia (AU) (2014)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Set inside the offices of the "Nation Building Authority", a newly created government organization responsible for overseeing major infrastructure projects, Utopia explores that moment when bureaucracy and grand dreams collide. It's a tribute to those political leaders who have somehow managed to take a long-term vision and use it for short-term gain. The eight-part series follows the working lives of a tight-knit team in charge of guiding big building schemes from announcement to unveiling. Constant shifts in priorities are the order of the day as the staff are asked to come up with plans for everything from new roads and rail lines to airports and high rise urban developments. In short, Utopia examines the forces that go into creating a very well-designed white elephant. Read More



Episode 8: The Ghost of Christmas Future
Episode 7: Levers of Power
Episode 6: Ticks of Approval
Episode 5: The Blame Game
Episode 4: Mission Creeps
Episode 3: Pipe Dreams
Episode 2: Working With Children
Episode 1: The Law's The Law
Episode 8: Independence Day
Episode 7: On the Defence
Episode 6: Snouts in the Trough
Episode 5: Start Up
Episode 4: Clause For Concern
Episode 3: Nation Shapers
Episode 2: Smart Cities
Episode 1: Blue Sky Thinking
Episode 8: Summit Attempt
Episode 7: Reporting for Duty
Episode 6: Starting the Conversation
Episode 5: Terminal Problems
Episode 4: Dot Dot Dot
Episode 3: Keep Out - Public Property
Episode 2: Shovels Ready
Episode 1: A Fresh Start
Episode 8: The Whole Enchilada
Episode 7: The First Project
Episode 6: Then We Can Build It
Episode 5: Arts and Minds
Episode 4: Onwards and Upwards
Episode 3: Very Fast Turnover
Episode 2: Protected Species
Episode 1: Wood for the Trees