Urutoraman: Kûsô tokusatsu shirîzu (1966)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Family , Horror , Sci-fi , Thriller , Comedy , Drama

Plot: The series begins when the alien Ultraman pursues an alien monster to Earth. In the pursuit, he crashes with Hayata, an officer of the Science Patrol who is investigating the chase. To make amends for the accident, the alien gives his life force to the human along with his regular form and powers should he ever need it. This linking proves to be a most fortuitous event as the monster being pursued is but the first of a wave of destructive monsters and aliens that attack the planet. Hayata investigates sightings of these beasts as part of the Patrol who fights these threats with the advanced weapons at their disposal. However, the monsters often prove too strong for the Earth forces to stop. When that happens, Hiyata uses the beta capsule given to him by the alien. When he activates it, he transforms to the giant superhero, Ultraman, who wields the power necessary to protect Earth. Read More



Episode 39: Farewell, Ultraman!
Episode 38: The Spaceship Rescue Command
Episode 37: The Little Hero
Episode 36: Don't Shoot, Arashi!
Episode 35: The Monster Graveyard
Episode 34: Gift From the Sky
Episode 33: The Forbidden Words
Episode 32: The Endless Counterattack
Episode 31: Who Has Come?
Episode 30: The Snowy Mountain of Illusions
Episode 29: A Challenge to the Underground
Episode 28: Human Specimens 5 & 6
Episode 27: His Monster Majesty (2)
Episode 26: His Monster Majesty (1)
Episode 25: Mystery Comet Tsuifon
Episode 24: The Undersea Science Base
Episode 23: My Home is Earth
Episode 22: The Underground Destruction Work
Episode 21: Break Through the Smoke!
Episode 20: Terror on Route 87
Episode 19: The Demons Once More
Episode 18: The Brother from Another Planet
Episode 17: Passport to Infinity
Episode 16: The Science Patrol to Outer Space
Episode 15: The Terrifying Cosmic Rays
Episode 14: The Pearl Oyster Protection Directive
Episode 13: Oil S.O.S.
Episode 12: The Cries of the Mummy
Episode 11: The Ruffian from Outer Space
Episode 10: The Mysterious Dinosaur Base
Episode 9: Operation: Lightning Speed
Episode 8: The Lawless Monster Zone
Episode 7: The Blue Stone of Baradhi
Episode 6: The Coast Guard Command
Episode 5: Treasure of the Miloganda
Episode 4: 5 Seconds Before The Big Explosion!
Episode 3: Sally Forth, Science Patrol!
Episode 2: Defeat the Invaders!
Episode 1: Ultra Operation No. 1