Upper Middle Bogan (2013)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: The series follows the story of two families living at opposite ends of the freeway. Bess Denyar, is a doctor with a posh mother Margaret, an architect husband Danny Bright and twin 13-year-olds at a private school, Oscar and Edwina. When Bess finds out that she is adopted, she is stunned, but even more so when she meets her birth parents, Wayne and Julie Wheeler. She also discovers that she has three siblings: Amber, Kayne and Brianna. The bogan Wheelers head up a drag racing team in the outer suburbs and are thrilled to discover the daughter they thought they had lost. Read More



Episode 8: Christmas Break
Episode 7: Row Row Row
Episode 6: Generous To A Faultline
Episode 5: Sticking To Your Principals
Episode 4: Sons of Anarchy
Episode 3: If You Knew Susie
Episode 2: Knock It Off
Episode 1: New Kids On The Block
Episode 8: Jules in the Crown
Episode 7: All You Can Eat
Episode 6: Twothirties
Episode 5: Occupation Hazards
Episode 4: I Dream Of Broccolini
Episode 3: Bonds and Stocks
Episode 2: Let's Talk About Sex
Episode 1: Hot But Cold
Episode 8: Nationals
Episode 7: Don't Over Think It
Episode 6: Behind You!
Episode 5: No Angel
Episode 4: Picture Perfect
Episode 3: Your Roots Are Showing
Episode 2: Forefathers and Two Mothers
Episode 1: I'm a Swan