UnREAL (2015)


Plot: Sexy, sassy and shocking; UnREAL peels back the shimmering veneer of the reality dating show to reveal how unreal they really are. Every character is manipulative. Every character is self-centred. Every character will stop at nothing to get what they want. Every character is unmissable. Unreal is unreal television and essential viewing. Set behind-the-scenes of faux dating show “Everlasting” proves that beauty is indeed only skin deep as a bevy of eligible beauties vie to win the heart of the requisite hunk, or via versa in Season 3 and find everlasting love. The girls think they all have a chance, but in reality, the producers know exactly who they want to be picked and will stop at nothing to ensure they get their final proposal. Read More



Episode 8: Sudden Death
Episode 7: Bluff
Episode 6: Tilt
Episode 5: No Limit
Episode 4: Cold Call
Episode 3: Wild Card
Episode 2: Double Down
Episode 1: All In
Episode 10: Commitment
Episode 9: Codependence
Episode 8: Recurrent
Episode 7: Projection
Episode 6: Transference
Episode 5: Gestalt
Episode 4: Confront
Episode 3: Clarity
Episode 2: Shield
Episode 1: Oath
Episode 10: Friendly Fire
Episode 9: Espionage
Episode 8: Fugitive
Episode 7: Ambush
Episode 6: Casualty
Episode 5: Infiltration
Episode 4: Treason
Episode 3: Guerilla
Episode 2: Insurgent
Episode 1: War
Episode 10: Future
Episode 9: Princess
Episode 8: Two
Episode 7: Savior
Episode 6: Fly
Episode 5: Truth
Episode 4: Wife
Episode 3: Mother
Episode 2: Relapse
Episode 1: Return