United Shades of America (2016)


Genre: Documentary , Short , Reality-tv

Plot: Comic and political provocateur W. Kamau Bell hosts this CNN original documentary series in which he travels to the far corners of America to explore race-based subcultures. Using humor to soften his experiences, Bell willingly subjects himself to awkward situations -- like attending a cross-burning, hate-mongering Ku Klux Klan session -- to demonstrate "the many diverse and colorful definitions of America," CNN says. Bell also visits a gated retirement community, experiences inner-city policing, spends time with spring break revelers, speaks to prison inmates, and travels to the Last Frontier. Read More



Episode 7: Trans in Texas
Episode 6: The Color Of America
Episode 5: Thank You For Your Service
Episode 4: The Wealth Gap
Episode 3: Power Of Protest
Episode 2: Black To The Future
Episode 1: Policing the Police
Episode 8: Iranian-Americans in New York
Episode 7: The Homeless Crisis in LA
Episode 6: Venezuelans in Florida
Episode 5: The Time for Reparations
Episode 4: The Gig Economy
Episode 3: Going to Public School
Episode 2: All-American Family Farms
Episode 1: Where Do We Even Start With White Supremacy?
Episode 8: Toxic America
Episode 7: Livingwhileblack
Episode 6: Out and Proud Salt Lake
Episode 5: The Real D.C.
Episode 4: Body Politics
Episode 3: Hmong Americans And The Secret War
Episode 2: Not All White People
Episode 1: Megachurches
Episode 8: Native Hawaii
Episode 7: The Canadian Way
Episode 6: Sweet Home (Mobile) Alabama
Episode 5: HBCUs
Episode 4: The Disability Community
Episode 3: The South Carolina Gullah
Episode 2: Sikhs in America
Episode 1: The Border
Episode 7: Appalachian Coal Country
Episode 6: Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rico
Episode 4: Muslims in Small Town America
Episode 1: Immigrants and Refugees
Episode 6: Is It Cool to Be Hip?
Episode 5: Off The Grid
Episode 3: Latino, USA
Episode 2: Behind These Walls
Episode 1: The New KKK