Undergrads (2001)


Genre: Animation , Comedy

Plot: There are four childhood friends that, while they might be seperated by different colleges, have a strong friendship they vow to maintain. However, Nitz, the most regular of the guys, learns that there are new experiences and friends to have and meet that will profoundly refashion his friendship with Gimpy, the reclusive computer geek, Rocko the dumb jock and Cal the effeminate ladies man. All the while though, their relationship will remain even as they go through the college years and all the changes that era in their lives entails. Read More



Episode 13: Screw Week
Episode 12: Risk
Episode 11: Work Study
Episode 10: Identity Crisis
Episode 9: Financial Aid
Episode 8: Rivalries
Episode 7: Jerks
Episode 6: Roommates
Episode 5: Drunks
Episode 4: New Friends
Episode 3: Virgins
Episode 2: Traditions
Episode 1: Party