Under Arrest (1993)


Genre: Crime

Plot: To Serve and Protect is a Canadian documentary television series. It is somewhat similar to the American series COPS. The show documents the day-to-day events of police officers in Canadian cities such as Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver as well as several other Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachments in British Columbia. In addition there are some episodes featuring trips to Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and Memphis, Tennessee. The program began in 1993 on KVOS, an American station that primarily targets the Vancouver market. Reruns of the original show currently air on Action Read More



Episode 9: Thank you officers
Episode 8: Standing up pretty good
Episode 7: Plenty of chances
Episode 6: Bad grandma
Episode 5: I\'m under four inches
Episode 4: I\'m a free citizen
Episode 3: I\'m going to sue
Episode 2: This is no street
Episode 1: Nightmare
Episode 8: It\'s all cool
Episode 7: Idiots
Episode 6: Do you have a card?
Episode 5: Happy Campers
Episode 4: That's my wife
Episode 3: Come out swinging
Episode 2: No Smoking
Episode 1: I Love You
Episode 8: Arrest for Nothing
Episode 7: Peter Pumpkin Eater
Episode 6: Losers!
Episode 5: Lovely Summer Night
Episode 4: No Badge for You
Episode 3: Glutton for Punishment
Episode 2: Johnny B. Goode
Episode 1: Mr. 6 Pack
Episode 8: IQ Test Fail
Episode 7: Magic Wallet
Episode 6: Top of the Line
Episode 5: Manitoba Eh
Episode 4: Don\'t Fuzz Me
Episode 3: Winning Personality
Episode 2: Minding My Business
Episode 1: Choices
Episode 8: Not Ready For Primetime
Episode 7: Don't Shoot
Episode 6: Booze Recovery Team
Episode 5: Let's Boogie
Episode 4: Scrambled Eggs
Episode 3: Happy Birthday
Episode 2: Bad Hair Day
Episode 1: Don't Go That Nuts
Episode 8: How Many Beer?
Episode 7: A Big Bite
Episode 6: Just One Kiss
Episode 5: It's a Big Joke
Episode 4: Got a Warrant?
Episode 3: It's Alive!
Episode 2: Drunk Puppet
Episode 1: Dead Fish
Episode 8: No Loving
Episode 7: Everybody Likes Beer
Episode 6: First Degree Black Belt
Episode 5: I Hate Waterbeds
Episode 4: You're Going to Get a Headache
Episode 3: Don't Resist!
Episode 2: That's My Corner
Episode 1: Wash Your Hands
Episode 8: Hogtied Husband
Episode 7: Who Needs a Uniform?
Episode 6: Bullets Through Glass
Episode 5: Mud Wrestlers
Episode 4: Driving on Three Wheels
Episode 3: Wrong Side of the Road
Episode 2: Put Some Clothes On
Episode 1: My Name Is Mr. Duck