Ultimate Force (2002)


Genre: Action , War

Plot: This action adventure series follows the exploits of Sergeant Henno Garvie and his colleagues who make up Red Troop, a crack SAS team. Stopping the release of a lethal anthrax mutation, infiltrating an anti-capitalist group set on assassination and a life-or-death bank siege are among the missions facing the troopers as they put their lives on the line at the sharp end of Britain's most elite fighting force. Henno's reputation is at stake when an operation goes wrong in the complex political jigsaw of Northern Ireland. There is a tragedy on a combat survival weekend and the team find their skills, stamina and close-knit bond pushed to the limit when they are sent to hunt out a suspected war criminal in Bosnia. Read More



Episode 5: Slow Bomb
Episode 4: Violent Solutions
Episode 3: The Dividing Line
Episode 2: Charlie Bravo
Episode 1: Changing of the Guard
Episode 4: Weapon of Choice
Episode 3: Class of 1980
Episode 2: Never Go Back
Episode 1: Deadlier than the Male
Episode 6: Dead Is Forever
Episode 5: What in the Name of God...
Episode 4: The List
Episode 3: Wannabes
Episode 2: Mad Dogs
Episode 1: Communication
Episode 6: Something To Do With Justice
Episode 5: The Killing Of a One-Eyed Bookie
Episode 4: Breakout
Episode 3: Natural Selection
Episode 2: Just a Target
Episode 1: The Killing House