Typewriter (2019)


Genre: Horror , Thriller

Plot: 1983 Bardez writer Madhav Matthews dies mysterious death at his Bardez Villa while working on the book Ghost Of Sultanpur since then the house is referred as haunted house.36 years later three school kids Sam,Gablu and Bunty form a ghost club and plan to enter Bardez Villa but their plans get spoiled when Matthew's granddaughter Jenny comes to live there with her family.Jenny has no memory of her childhood and wants to meet her nanny Sarah who could help her but soon people meeting Jenny die under mysterious circumstances making her suspect but it's the paranormal force in the house behind it. Read More



Episode 5: Chapter 5: The Night of the Blood Moon
Episode 4: Chapter 4: The Rise of the Fakeer
Episode 3: Chapter 3: The Ghost of Sultanpore
Episode 2: Chapter 2: Operation School Bell
Episode 1: Chapter 1: Four Kids and a Dog