Tyler Perry's The Oval (2019)


Genre: Drama

Plot: A seemingly perfect interracial first family becomes the White House's newest residents. But behind closed doors they unleash a torrent of lies, cheating and corruption. Read More

Next Episode 2x14 Date: Jul 20th



Episode 25: One of Us
Episode 24: Twenty-Four Hours
Episode 23: Unexpected Guest
Episode 22: The Loving Parents
Episode 21: The Godfather
Episode 20: Call of Duty
Episode 19: Clueless
Episode 18: Me and You
Episode 17: Five Families
Episode 16: The Dangerous Game
Episode 15: Clock Work
Episode 14: One Time
Episode 13: Fear of God
Episode 12: Hidden Secrets
Episode 11: The United Front
Episode 10: Going Black
Episode 9: The Fish Bowl
Episode 8: Eye On The Sparrow
Episode 7: The Dark Sheep
Episode 6: Lab Rats
Episode 5: Allies
Episode 4: Rats Can Smell Poison
Episode 3: Heat
Episode 2: Unforgettable
Episode 1: Pilot