Tyler Perry's Assisted Living (2020)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: After losing his job, Jeremy, a patriarch of a young family with teenage children, decides to move to the backwoods of Georgia to help his crazy grandfather. Grandpa Vinny has foolishly purchased a terribly run-down home for the elderly and he is in way over his head, but comedy ensues as Mr. Brown and Cora show up at the right time as needy investors. Read More



Episode 4: The Triangle
Episode 2: Best Laid Plans
Episode 25: The Dirty Denial
Episode 24: A Dangerous Situation
Episode 23: A Fight For Honor
Episode 22: To Trust or Not To Trust
Episode 21: Being a Good Citizen
Episode 20: Open for Business
Episode 19: The Brown Bomber
Episode 18: Add More Color
Episode 17: The Talk
Episode 16: Rebel With A Cause
Episode 15: Defiance
Episode 14: A Huge Debt
Episode 12: Hard Decisions
Episode 11: A Lamb To Slaughter
Episode 10: Dark Chocolate
Episode 9: The Monster
Episode 8: Swimming with Fishes
Episode 7: The Weeping Willow
Episode 6: The Cleanup
Episode 5: For the Family
Episode 4: Assaulted
Episode 3: Captain Crunch
Episode 2: A Talk with Pa
Episode 1: The Pilot