Twitch City (1998)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: This comedy series stands halfway between the average sitcom and Tarantinoesque production. It focuses on Curtis, a weird couch potato who never leaves his home and watches the Rex Reilly Show (Geraldo on acid) all day long. Also of importance are his room-mates Hope and Nathan and Lucky the cat. To some extent, the show might be considered a wild satire of Generation-X life in Toronto. Read More



Episode 7: Angels All Week
Episode 6: The Life of Reilly
Episode 5: The Planet of the Cats
Episode 4: People Who Don't Care About Anything
Episode 3: Klan Bake
Episode 2: Shinto Death Cults
Episode 1: The Return of the Cat Food Killer
Episode 6: Killed by Cat Food
Episode 5: I'm Fat and I'm Proud
Episode 4: People Who Fight Too Much
Episode 3: I Look Like Joyce DeWitt
Episode 2: My Pet, My Hero
Episode 1: I Slept with My Mother