Twirlywoos (2015)


Genre: Animation , Family

Plot: The four Twirlywoos - Great Big Hoo, Toodle-oo, Chickadee and Chick - have adventures both in the real world, and in their boat. They learn about a new concept each episode. Shy Peekaboo also lives on the boat, and joins in without the Twirlywoos knowing. The boat sometimes gets visitors, including the Stop Go Car and the Very Important Lady. Read More



Episode 25: More About Behind
Episode 24: More About Out
Episode 23: More About All Gone
Episode 22: More About Pop
Episode 21: More About On Top Of
Episode 20: More About Getting Wet
Episode 19: More About Turning
Episode 18: More About Upside Down
Episode 17: More About Cleaning
Episode 16: More About Through
Episode 15: More About Shorter and Shorter
Episode 14: More About Taller and Taller
Episode 13: More About Gone
Episode 12: More About Over
Episode 11: More About Balancing
Episode 10: More About Going Over
Episode 9: More About Joining Up
Episode 8: More About Hiding
Episode 7: More About Wrapping
Episode 6: More About More and More
Episode 5: More About Pulling
Episode 4: More About Louder and Louder
Episode 3: More About Down
Episode 2: More About Collecting
Episode 1: More About Full
Episode 25: More About Soft
Episode 24: More About Connecting
Episode 23: More About Twirling
Episode 22: More About Outside
Episode 21: More About Spinning
Episode 20: More About On and Off
Episode 19: More About Faster and Faster
Episode 18: More About Open and Close
Episode 17: More About Next To
Episode 16: More About Fitting Together
Episode 15: More About Inside
Episode 14: More About Smaller
Episode 13: More About This Way, That Way
Episode 12: More About High and Low
Episode 11: More About Longer
Episode 10: More About Underneath
Episode 9: More About Up
Episode 8: More About Coming and Going
Episode 7: More About Stretching
Episode 6: More About in and Out
Episode 5: More About Rolling
Episode 4: More About Noisy
Episode 3: More About Up and Down
Episode 2: More About Round and Round
Episode 1: More About Covering
Episode 30: Pulling
Episode 29: Hiding
Episode 28: On and Off
Episode 27: Faster and Faster
Episode 26: Twirling
Episode 25: Smaller
Episode 24: Taller and Taller
Episode 23: More and More
Episode 22: Spinning
Episode 21: Fitting Together
Episode 20: Joining Up
Episode 19: Balancing
Episode 18: On Top Of
Episode 17: Open and Close
Episode 16: Next To
Episode 15: Outside
Episode 14: High and Low
Episode 13: Bigger and Bigger
Episode 12: Longer
Episode 11: Collecting
Episode 10: Turning
Episode 9: Louder and Louder
Episode 8: Cleaning
Episode 7: In and Out
Episode 6: Rolling
Episode 5: Going Over
Episode 4: Inside
Episode 3: Down
Episode 2: Out
Episode 1: Getting Wet
Episode 20: Upside Down
Episode 19: Pop
Episode 18: Soft
Episode 17: Through
Episode 16: Coming and Going
Episode 15: Covering
Episode 14: Gone
Episode 13: Wrapping
Episode 12: Shorter and Shorter
Episode 11: Over
Episode 10: Up and Down
Episode 9: This Way, That Way
Episode 8: Behind
Episode 7: All Gone
Episode 6: Noisy
Episode 5: Connecting
Episode 4: Up
Episode 3: Round and Round
Episode 2: Underneath
Episode 1: Full