Twins (2005)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Twins is set in a family-run lingerie company. The clan is made up of patriarch Alan Arnold (Mark Linn-Baker), a dumpy, bumbling everyman and his wife Lee (Melanie Griffith), a former underwear model, and their two fraternal twin daughters – Mitchee (Sara Gilbert) and Farrah (Molly Stanton). Needless to say, the Twins are as unalike as could be. Mitchee is intelligent and plain looking, while Farrah is a blonde bombshell who followed in her mother's modeling footsteps. Read More



Episode 18: Blast from the Past
Episode 17: Himbo
Episode 16: The Housing Crisis
Episode 15: When I Move, You Move
Episode 14: Sneaks and Geeks
Episode 13: Dancin' & Pantsin'
Episode 12: Blonde Ambition
Episode 11: Musical Chairs
Episode 10: Sister's Keeper
Episode 9: I Love You, You're Fired
Episode 8: Horse Sense
Episode 7: Halloween Boo
Episode 6: Model Student
Episode 5: Really, It's the Thought That Counts
Episode 4: Twist of Fate
Episode 3: Treat Her Like a Lady
Episode 2: Fruit of the Lunatics
Episode 1: Pilot