Twelve O'Clock High (1964)


Genre: Drama , War

Plot: This show takes place in mid 1942 through 1944 during World War II. It follows the 918th Heavy Bombardment Group, part of the 8th Bomber Command of the US Eighth Air Force. Army Air Force Brigadier General Frank Savage is asked to take over the 918th by General Pritchard. Savage is a tough as nails commander and builds the Group into the "best bomb group" in Eighth Air Force. At the start of the 2nd season, Savage is killed and Colonel Joseph Anson Gallagher takes over for the next two Seasons. The 918th Group is first led by Savage then Gallagher. Major Harvey Stovall is the Adjutant, later the Ground Exec. Major Joe Cobb is a Squadron Commander and later Air Exec in the first season. The Flight Surgeon is Major Kaiser. The Line Chief (Maintenance) is Master Sergeant Tony Ner Read More



Episode 17: The Hunters and the Killers
Episode 16: A Long Time Dead
Episode 15: Graveyard
Episode 14: The Duel at Mont Sainte Marie
Episode 13: Six Feet Under
Episode 12: The Ace
Episode 11: Burden of Guilt
Episode 10: To Seek and Destroy
Episode 9: The Fighter Pilot
Episode 8: The Pariah
Episode 7: The All-American
Episode 6: Practice to Deceive
Episode 3: Face of a Shadow
Episode 2: Massacre
Episode 1: Gauntlet of Fire
Episode 29: Siren Voices
Episode 28: Day of Reckoning
Episode 27: Cross-Hairs on Death
Episode 26: The Hollow Man
Episode 25: Decoy
Episode 24: Angel Babe
Episode 23: The Survivor
Episode 22: Twenty-Fifth Mission
Episode 21: Back to the Drawing Board
Episode 20: The Outsider
Episode 19: Which Way the Wind Blows
Episode 18: Underground
Episode 17: The Slaughter Pen
Episode 16: Falling Star
Episode 15: Target 802
Episode 14: Between the Lines
Episode 13: The Jones Boys
Episode 12: We're Not Coming Back
Episode 11: Storm at Twilight
Episode 10: Grant Me No Favor
Episode 9: I Am the Enemy
Episode 8: Runway in the Dark
Episode 7: Show Me a Hero, I'll Show You a Bum
Episode 6: The Hotshot
Episode 5: Big Brother
Episode 4: The Idolator
Episode 3: Then Came the Mighty Hunter
Episode 2: Rx for a Sick Bird
Episode 1: The Loneliest Place in the World
Episode 32: The Hero
Episode 31: P.O.W. (2)
Episode 30: P.O.W. (1)
Episode 29: V for Vendetta
Episode 28: The Cry of Fallen Birds
Episode 27: The Mission
Episode 26: Mutiny at Ten Thousand Feet
Episode 25: The Threat
Episode 24: The End of the Line
Episode 23: The Trap
Episode 22: The Ticket
Episode 21: The Clash
Episode 20: To Heinie, with Love
Episode 19: Faith, Hope and Sergeant Aronson
Episode 18: The Lorelei
Episode 17: The Albatross
Episode 16: In Search of My Enemy
Episode 15: Those Who Are About to Die
Episode 14: An Act of War
Episode 13: The Suspected
Episode 12: Soldiers Sometimes Kill
Episode 11: Here's to Courageous Cowards
Episode 10: Interlude
Episode 9: Appointment at Liege
Episode 8: The Hours Before Dawn
Episode 7: Decision
Episode 6: Pressure Point
Episode 5: The Climate of Doubt
Episode 4: The Sound of Distant Thunder
Episode 3: The Men and the Boys
Episode 2: Follow the Leader
Episode 1: Golden Boy Had Nine Black Sheep