Trying (2020)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: All Nikki and Jason want is a baby — the one thing they can’t have. So they decide to adopt. With their dysfunctional friends, screwball families, and chaotic lives, will the adoption panel agree that they’re ready to be parents? Read More



Episode 8: I’m Scared
Episode 7: Lift Me Up
Episode 6: A Long Way Down
Episode 5: Maddest Sweetest Thing
Episode 4: Helicopters
Episode 3: Big Heads
Episode 2: The Sun on Your Back
Episode 1: A Nice Boy
Episode 8: We Know the Way Out
Episode 7: Good Old Family Map
Episode 6: Show Me the Love
Episode 5: Someone Else's Kids
Episode 4: Rainbow Castle People
Episode 3: Tickets for a Queue
Episode 2: The Ex-Girlfriend
Episode 1: Nikki and Jason