TripTank (2013)


Genre: Animation , Comedy

Plot: TripTank is Comedy Central’s newest animated experience, executive produced by ShadowMachine’s Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico. The weekly, eight-episode half-hour series, showcases a wide range of fast-paced, hard-hitting animated comedy shorts presented in an anthology style, weaving together stand-alone and recurring narrative pieces. Read More



Episode 20: Green Out
Episode 19: The D.O.N.G.
Episode 18: Buck Wild
Episode 17: Deuce Ex Machina
Episode 16: Brain Virus
Episode 15: #InsideRoy
Episode 14: TripTank 2025
Episode 13: Sick Day
Episode 12: How the Sausage Is Made
Episode 11: Crime Steve Investigation
Episode 10: Steve's Family
Episode 9: Mr. Winchester Goes to Washington
Episode 8: Precipice of Yesterday
Episode 7: Cereal Interruptus
Episode 6: Hot Box
Episode 5: Short Change
Episode 4: Cold War 2
Episode 3: Dirty Talk
Episode 2: Let Me Transfer You
Episode 1: The W.A.N.G.
Episode 8: XXX Overload
Episode 7: Roy & Ben's Day Off
Episode 6: Candy Van Finger Bang
Episode 5: Ahhh, Serenity
Episode 4: The Green
Episode 3: Game Over
Episode 2: Crossing the Line
Episode 1: Shovels Are for Digging