Trash Truck (2020)


Genre: Animation , Family

Plot: Hank is a free-range, dirt-covered 6-year-old boy with a big imagination and an even bigger best pal… a giant honking, snorting trash truck. From learning to fly to going to the dentist, there is no adventure too big or too small for these two best friends. Read More



Episode 16: Mint Choco Boom
Episode 15: Trash Day
Episode 14: The Missing Trash Can
Episode 13: Kung Shoo
Episode 12: Fishing Trip
Episode 11: The Dandelion
Episode 10: Freeze Tag
Episode 9: Pranks
Episode 8: Honk-ups
Episode 7: Beach Day
Episode 6: Balloon Day
Episode 5: Dino Land
Episode 4: Lost Voice
Episode 3: Trash Truck and the Toad
Episode 2: Ballet Recital
Episode 1: Share Day
Episode 12: Garbage Band
Episode 11: Training Wheels
Episode 10: Trashimal
Episode 9: Sick Day
Episode 8: Highbeam
Episode 7: Hibernation Day
Episode 6: New Shoes
Episode 5: Hide and Seek
Episode 4: Olive Surfs
Episode 3: Movie Theater
Episode 2: Slumber Party
Episode 1: Four Wheels & Flies