Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy (2016)


Genre: Animation , Short , Action , Adventure , Sci-fi

Plot: Forty years after the Great War on Earth, the Autobots and Decepticons are no more and Optimus Prime and Megatron are relics of the past. Cybertron is at last at peace, ruled by the triumvirate of Starscream, Rodimus Prime, and the Mistress of Flame. However, the Enigma of Combination, an ancient artifact of Primus, has triggered new conflict through the creation of huge, dangerous Combiners, and now Cybertron's fragile peace is in danger of collapse. Read More



Episode 10: Saga's End
Episode 9: Megatronus Unleashed
Episode 8: Collision Course
Episode 7: Consequences
Episode 6: Countdown
Episode 5: Athenaeum Sanctorum
Episode 4: Primal
Episode 3: Without Warning
Episode 2: Volcanicus
Episode 1: The Swamp
Episode 10: All Things Must Pass
Episode 9: Consumed
Episode 8: In Good Hands
Episode 7: Run for Our Lives
Episode 6: Desperate Actions
Episode 5: At the Last Second
Episode 4: Overlord and Emissary
Episode 3: The Fight Begins
Episode 2: Our Heroes Respond
Episode 1: Aftermath and Rebirth
Episode 8: Destruction's Dawn
Episode 7: Darkest Hour
Episode 6: A War of Giants
Episode 5: Homecoming
Episode 4: Unforgotten
Episode 3: The Duel
Episode 2: The Council
Episode 1: The Fall