Touched by an Angel (1994)


Plot: Angels are dispatched from heaven to inspire people who are at crossroads in their lives. Monica (Roma Downey), an angel who at times still needs some guidance with her Earthly assignments, reports to Tess (Della Reese), her tough, wise, and always loving supervisor. Joining them is Andrew (John Dye), who, in addition to his duties as the Angel of Death, helps out as a caseworker on various assignments. The angels may not bring answers to every problem, but they always deliver a message of hope. Read More



Episode 22: I Will Walk With You (2)
Episode 21: I Will Walk With You (1)
Episode 20: At The End Of The Aisle
Episode 19: The Show Must Not Go On
Episode 18: Virtual Reality
Episode 17: The Good Earth
Episode 16: Song For My Father
Episode 15: As It Is In Heaven
Episode 14: And A Nightingale Sang
Episode 13: A Time for Every Purpose
Episode 12: The Root of All Evil
Episode 11: Private Eyes
Episode 10: The Christmas Watch
Episode 9: Remembering Me (2)
Episode 8: Remembering Me (1)
Episode 7: Bring On The Rain
Episode 6: Jump!
Episode 5: A Feather on the Breath of God
Episode 4: The Word
Episode 3: Two Sides to Every Angel
Episode 2: The Sixteenth Minute
Episode 1: A Rock and a Hard Place
Episode 22: Forever Young
Episode 21: For All The Tea in China
Episode 20: The Impossible Dream
Episode 19: The Bells of St. Peter's
Episode 18: Minute by Minute
Episode 17: Hello, I Love You
Episode 16: The Princeless Bride
Episode 15: Secrets and Lies
Episode 14: The Blue Angel
Episode 13: Ship-In-A-Bottle
Episode 12: The Last Chapter
Episode 11: A Winter Carol
Episode 10: Angels Anonymous
Episode 9: When Sunny Gets Blue
Episode 8: Heaven's Portal
Episode 7: Most Likely To Succeed
Episode 6: Famous Last Words
Episode 5: Chutzpah
Episode 4: Manhunt
Episode 3: The Birthday Present
Episode 2: The Perfect Game
Episode 1: Holy of Holies
Episode 25: Shallow Water (2)
Episode 24: Shallow Water (1)
Episode 23: Netherlands
Episode 22: The Face of God
Episode 21: The Sign of the Dove
Episode 20: Band of Angels
Episode 19: The Penalty Box
Episode 18: Visions of Thy Father
Episode 17: I Am an Angel
Episode 16: Winners, Losers & Leftovers
Episode 15: Thief of Hearts
Episode 14: Bringer of Light
Episode 13: A Death in the Family
Episode 12: The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways
Episode 11: Mi Familia
Episode 10: An Angel on My Tree
Episode 9: The Grudge
Episode 8: Reasonable Doubt
Episode 7: God Bless the Child
Episode 6: The Empty Chair
Episode 5: Finger of God
Episode 4: Restoration
Episode 3: The Invitation
Episode 2: Legacy
Episode 1: The Face on the Barroom Floor
Episode 26: Pandora's Box
Episode 25: Mother's Day
Episode 24: Send in the Clowns
Episode 23: Monica's Bad Day
Episode 22: Stealing Hope
Episode 21: Living the Rest of My Life
Episode 20: Quality Time
Episode 19: True Confessions
Episode 18: Bar Mitzvah
Episode 17: Here I Am
Episode 16: A Perfect Game
Episode 15: Life Before Death
Episode 14: Buy Me a Rose
Episode 13: A House Divided
Episode 12: With God As My Witness
Episode 11: Millennium
Episode 10: The Christmas Gift
Episode 9: Then Sings My Soul
Episode 8: The Whole Truth And Nothing But...
Episode 7: Voice of an Angel
Episode 6: The Occupant
Episode 5: Til Death Do Us Part
Episode 4: The Letter
Episode 3: The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life
Episode 2: The Compass
Episode 1: Such a Time as This
Episode 26: Godspeed
Episode 25: Hearts
Episode 24: Fighting the Good Fight
Episode 23: Black Like Monica
Episode 22: Full Circle
Episode 21: Made in the U.S.A.
Episode 20: Into the Fire
Episode 19: Jagged Edges
Episode 18: Anatomy Lesson
Episode 17: Family Business
Episode 16: The Man Upstairs
Episode 15: On Edge
Episode 14: My Brother's Keeper
Episode 13: The Medium and the Message
Episode 12: Fool For Love
Episode 11: An Angel on the Roof
Episode 10: The Peacemaker
Episode 9: Psalm 151
Episode 8: The Wind Beneath Our Wings
Episode 7: I Do
Episode 6: Beautiful Dreamer
Episode 5: The Lady of the Lake
Episode 4: Only Connect
Episode 3: What Are Friends For?
Episode 1: Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Episode 27: The Spirit of Liberty Moon (2)
Episode 26: The Spirit of Liberty Moon (1)
Episode 25: Last Dance
Episode 24: Elijah
Episode 23: Perfect Little Angel
Episode 22: Cry and You Cry Alone
Episode 21: Seek and Ye Shall Find
Episode 20: How Do You Spell Faith?
Episode 19: God and Country
Episode 18: Breaking Bread
Episode 17: Flights of Angels
Episode 16: Redeeming Love
Episode 15: Doodlebugs
Episode 14: The Trigger
Episode 13: Deconstructing Harry
Episode 12: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
Episode 11: Venice
Episode 10: The Comeback
Episode 9: Charades
Episode 8: My Dinner With Andrew
Episode 7: Sandcastles
Episode 6: The Pact
Episode 5: Jones vs God
Episode 4: Children of the Night
Episode 3: Nothing But Net
Episode 2: Great Expectations
Episode 1: The Road Home (1)
Episode 29: Inherit the Wind
Episode 28: A Delicate Balance
Episode 27: Inherit the Wind
Episode 26: An Angel by Any Other Name
Episode 25: Full Moon
Episode 24: At Risk
Episode 23: Missing In Action
Episode 22: Last Call
Episode 21: Have You Seen Me?
Episode 20: Labor of Love
Episode 19: Amazing Grace (1)
Episode 18: Clipped Wings
Episode 17: Angel of Death
Episode 15: Smokescreen
Episode 14: Forget Me Not
Episode 13: The Violin Lesson
Episode 12: The Journalist
Episode 11: Homecoming (1)
Episode 10: Into the Light
Episode 9: Something Blue
Episode 8: The Sky Is Falling
Episode 7: Groundrush
Episode 6: Secret Service
Episode 5: Written In Dust
Episode 4: Sins of the Father
Episode 3: Random Acts
Episode 2: A Joyful Noise
Episode 1: Promised Land
Episode 24: Statute of Limitations
Episode 23: Birthmarks
Episode 22: Flesh and Blood
Episode 21: The Quality of Mercy
Episode 20: Portrait of Mrs. Campbell
Episode 19: Dear God
Episode 18: Lost and Found
Episode 17: Out of the Darkness
Episode 16: Jacob's Ladder
Episode 15: The Indigo Angel
Episode 14: Rock 'n' Roll Dad
Episode 13: 'Til We Meet Again
Episode 12: The One That Got Away
Episode 11: The Feather
Episode 10: Unidentified Female
Episode 9: The Big Bang
Episode 8: Operation Smile
Episode 7: Reunion
Episode 6: In the Name of God
Episode 5: Angels on the Air
Episode 4: The Driver
Episode 3: Sympathy for the Devil
Episode 2: Trust
Episode 11: The Hero
Episode 10: There, But For the Grace of God
Episode 9: Fear Not!
Episode 8: Manny
Episode 7: An Unexpected Snow
Episode 6: The Heart of the Matter
Episode 5: Cassie's Choice
Episode 4: Fallen Angela
Episode 3: Tough Love
Episode 2: Show Me the Way Home
Episode 1: The Southbound Bus