Total Bellas (2016)


Genre: Na , Reality-tv

Plot: In addition to twin sisters Nikki and Brie Bella being two of the most popular divas in recent WWE history, they are romantically involved with two former WWE champions on the men's side, John Cena and Daniel Bryan, respectively. That quartet is at the forefront of this show, which provides a look at their lives away from the bright lights and big stage of the world-famous arenas where they compete. Entering new chapters in their lives, both personally and professionally, the stars move in together as they deal with injuries, Daniel and Brie's retirements and John's burgeoning career in Hollywood. Read More



Episode 9: From Gynos to Winos
Episode 8: Bellas On The Move
Episode 7: Bella Babies
Episode 6: Family Ties
Episode 5: Bye Bye Bella
Episode 4: A Bella Babyshower
Episode 3: A Bella Babymoon
Episode 2: Bellas Break Free
Episode 1: Bella Baby Bumps
Episode 11: Babies on Board
Episode 10: The Proposal
Episode 9: Sweat It Out
Episode 8: Off the Deep End
Episode 7: Bella Vs. Bella
Episode 6: Salsa Caliente
Episode 5: BellaVision
Episode 4: Playing Favorites
Episode 3: Bellas Without Borders
Episode 2: The Book of Bella
Episode 1: Brave New Bellas
Episode 10: The Evolution Of The Bellas
Episode 9: Women Take Center Stage
Episode 8: Road To Evolution
Episode 7: When A Good Girl’s Gone Bad
Episode 6: The First Date
Episode 5: The Big Mistake
Episode 4: It's My Life
Episode 3: Troublemaker
Episode 2: Bellas and the City
Episode 1: Bellas Are Back in Action
Episode 10: Follow Your Heart
Episode 9: Paris Bachelorette Part Deux
Episode 8: A Bella Bachelorette
Episode 7: Save the Date
Episode 6: Once Again the Future Mrs. Cena
Episode 5: Make Up or Break Up?
Episode 4: The Bella Comeback
Episode 3: What Comes Up, Must Go Down
Episode 2: What to Expect When You're Not Expecting
Episode 1: Have You Cena?
Episode 8: Bella-Mania
Episode 7: Countdown to Mania
Episode 6: The Wrong Move
Episode 5: Wine About It
Episode 4: Power Struggle
Episode 3: Who's Your Mama?
Episode 2: Marital Mayhem
Episode 1: A Desert Dilemma
Episode 6: Wedding Mania
Episode 5: Bella Family Secrets
Episode 4: Bryan's Breaking Point
Episode 3: Who's the Boss?
Episode 2: Quickie Fix
Episode 1: The Cena House Rules