Topless Prophet (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: This 10-part, unscripted late-night series goes behind the scenes at several Detroit-area "gentlemen's clubs" owned by Alan Markovitz, a 30-year veteran of the rough-and-tumble world of adult entertainment and the self-proclaimed "most successful strip-club entrepreneur in America." In addition to showcasing the steamy action that goes on inside his clubs - including a "fetish night" promotion and the debut of two jittery novices recruited from Pontiac - Topless Prophet sheds light on the private world of Markovitz, whose success transforming rundown strip joints into lucrative gentlemen's clubs is rivaled only by his insatiable desire to stick it to those he feels have betrayed him. Even with the Motor City in bankruptcy, Alan and his clubs are thriving - but staying number one isn't easy. Whether it's breaking up brawls in the ladies' locker room or coping with his own messy divorce, there's never a dull moment in Alan's life. Read More



Episode 10: The Video
Episode 9: Stripper Circus
Episode 8: Madirosa's World
Episode 7: Bachelor Night
Episode 6: Amateur Night
Episode 5: Working Man
Episode 4: 21
Episode 3: Blind Date
Episode 2: The World According to Kenny
Episode 1: Meet the Topless Prophet