Tombstone Territory (1957)


Genre: Western

Plot: Sheriff Clay Hollister defended the law in "The Town To Tough To Die" and did it with a no nonsense approach. The narration by Harris Claibourn editor of the Tombstone 'Epitaph' brought a sense of additional realism to this high quality show. Read More



Episode 39: Crime Epidemic
Episode 38: The Injury
Episode 37: The Outlaw
Episode 36: The Treaty
Episode 35: Betrayal
Episode 34: The Return of Kansas Joe
Episode 33: The Siesta Killer
Episode 32: The Innocent Man
Episode 31: The Fortune
Episode 30: Girl from Philadelphia
Episode 29: The Kidnapping
Episode 28: The Governor
Episode 27: The Hostage
Episode 26: Revenge
Episode 25: Memory
Episode 24: Coded Newspaper
Episode 23: Young Killer
Episode 22: The Holcomb Brothers
Episode 21: Silver Killers
Episode 20: The Lady Lawyer
Episode 19: Female Killer
Episode 18: The Bride
Episode 17: The Target
Episode 16: State's Witness
Episode 15: The Capture
Episode 14: Eyewitness
Episode 13: Mine Disasters
Episode 12: The Noose That Broke
Episode 11: The Marked Horseshoe
Episode 10: Self-Defense
Episode 9: Dangerous Romance
Episode 8: Premature Obituary
Episode 7: The Legend
Episode 6: The Horse Thief
Episode 5: Payroll Robbery
Episode 4: The Writer
Episode 3: Stolen Loot
Episode 2: The Gunfighter
Episode 1: Red Terror at Tombstone
Episode 12: Death is to Write About
Episode 11: Grave Near Tombstone
Episode 10: Surrender at Sunglow
Episode 9: Warrant for Death
Episode 8: Gun Hostage
Episode 7: The Man from Brewster
Episode 6: The Black Diamond
Episode 5: Trail's End
Episode 4: Day of the Amnesty
Episode 3: Payroll to Tombstone
Episode 2: Marked for Murder
Episode 1: Whipsaw
Episode 40: Rose of the Rio Bravo
Episode 39: Rose of the Rio Bravo
Episode 38: Thicker Than Water
Episode 37: The Black Marshal from Deadwood
Episode 35: Legacy of Death
Episode 34: Fight for a Fugitive
Episode 33: The Lady Gambler
Episode 32: The Assassin
Episode 31: Pick Up the Gun
Episode 30: Triangle of Death
Episode 29: Doc Holliday in Durango
Episode 28: The Outcasts
Episode 27: The Tin Gunman
Episode 26: Strange Vengeance
Episode 25: Skeleton Canyon Massacre
Episode 24: Cave-In
Episode 23: Guilt of a Town
Episode 22: The Return of the Outlaw
Episode 21: Geronimo
Episode 20: The Epitaph
Episode 19: Johnny Ringo's Last Ride
Episode 18: Postmarked for Death
Episode 17: Tong War
Episode 16: Mexican Bandito
Episode 15: Gun Fever
Episode 14: The Rebel's Last Charge
Episode 13: Shoot Out at Dark
Episode 12: The Youngest Gun
Episode 11: Sermons and Six Guns
Episode 10: Ambush at Gila Gulch
Episode 9: Apache Vendetta
Episode 8: Desert Survival
Episode 7: Guns of Silver
Episode 6: Killer Without a Conscience
Episode 5: A Bullet for an Editor
Episode 4: Revenge Town
Episode 3: Ride Out at Noon
Episode 2: Reward for a Gunslinger
Episode 1: Gunslinger from Galeville