To Your Eternity (2021)


Genre: Animation , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy

Plot: In the beginning, an "orb" is cast unto Earth. "It" can do two things: change into the form of the thing that stimulates "it"; and come back to life after death. "It" morphs from orb to rock, then to wolf, and finally to boy, but roams about like a newborn who knows nothing. As a boy, "it" becomes Fushi. Through encounters with human kindness, Fushi not only gains survival skills, but grows as a "person". But his journey is darkened by the inexplicable and destructive enemy Nokker, as well as cruel partings with the people he loves. Read More

Next Episode 1x15 Date: Jul 26th



Episode 14: Jananda, Island of Freedom
Episode 13: Aspiring to Go Higher
Episode 12: Awakening
Episode 11: Gift From the Past
Episode 10: New Family
Episode 9: Deep Memories
Episode 8: Monster Brothers
Episode 7: The Boy Who Wants to Change
Episode 6: Our Goals
Episode 5: Those Who Follow
Episode 4: A Large Vessel
Episode 3: A Small Evolution
Episode 2: A Rambunctious Girl