Tiny House Hunters (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Follow home seekers across the country as they look to downsize, way down. They'll check out three unique streamlined houses under 600 square feet before deciding on the perfect compact kingdom to call home. When it comes to choosing one and making an offer, will they join the tiny house movement or stick with wide-open spaces? Viewers will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see what these Tiny House Hunters ultimately decide. Read More



Episode 20: Starting Fresh By Going Small In San Diego
Episode 19: Charleston Couple Goes Tiny
Episode 18: Tiny Living in Kentucky
Episode 17: Teacher Seeks a Tiny Upgrade
Episode 16: Dog Trainer Moves from Alaska Tiny to NY Tiny
Episode 15: Single Dad Goes Tiny to Allow for World Travel
Episode 14: Leaving Hawaii for Tiny Living in California
Episode 13: Florida Family Goes Tiny to Regain Their Financial Freedom
Episode 12: Photographer is building his own tiny house in Fairplay, CO
Episode 11: World Traveler Goes Tiny
Episode 10: Annie Is Downsizing From 5 Bedrooms To 200 sq. ft.
Episode 9: Family of Five Goes Tiny
Episode 8: Tiny House, Big Expectations
Episode 7: A Young, Single Guy Seeks Tiny to Fit His No-Frills Lifestyle
Episode 6: Fresh Start, Tiny Space
Episode 5: Traveling Nurse Goes Tiny
Episode 4: Big Change to Tiny House
Episode 3: Tiny Home in Mom's Backyard
Episode 2: Tiny Life in Paradise
Episode 1: Students Graduate to Tiny
Episode 5: Going Super Tiny In Savannah
Episode 4: Going Tiny With a Custom Home
Episode 3: Family of Six Goes Tiny
Episode 2: Sound Healer Seeks Tiny House
Episode 1: Newlyweds Look for Tiny House