Timmy Time (2009)


Genre: Animation , Family , Short , Comedy , Fantasy

Plot: From the much loved and critically acclaimed 'Shaun the Sheep', little lamb Timmy stars in his own TV series. Adorable he may be but Timmy is a little lamb with a lot to learn. He has just turned three (in sheep years) and being the 'only lamb in the flock', Timmy has been used to getting his own way. Now for the first time, Timmy is going to have to learn to get along with the other little animals. Timmy is going to nursery! Timmy Time is an engaging exploration of nursery life which every pre-school aged boy and girl can relate to. In this bright, colourful, safe environment, Timmy and his animal chums learn how to make friends, create new things, paint, draw and generally learn those very important 'life lessons' from their nursery teachers, Harriet Heron and Osbourne Owl. Read More



Episode 26: Timmy's Scrapbook
Episode 25: Timmy's Castle
Episode 24: Timmy and the Kite
Episode 23: Fix It Timmy
Episode 22: Timmy The Hero
Episode 21: Timmy's Twin
Episode 20: Timmy's Bouncy Friend
Episode 19: Timmy and the Dragon
Episode 18: Timmy Shapes Up
Episode 17: Timmy on Safari
Episode 16: Timmy's Egg Heads
Episode 15: Squeaky Timmy
Episode 14: Timmy and the Super Rabbit
Episode 13: Timmy and the Balloon
Episode 12: Fireman Timmy
Episode 11: Timmy Makes It Shine
Episode 10: Timmy In Tune
Episode 9: Boing Boing Timmy
Episode 8: Ballerina Timmy
Episode 7: Timmy Finds Aliens
Episode 6: Baby Time Timmy
Episode 5: Timmy's Big Search
Episode 4: Timmy's Cookie
Episode 3: Doctor Timmy
Episode 2: Beep Beep Timmy
Episode 1: Timmy Makes Music
Episode 26: Timmy's Monster
Episode 25: Timmy Slips Up
Episode 24: Timmy's Snowman
Episode 23: Timmy's Snowball
Episode 22: Timmy Makes a Splash
Episode 21: Count on Timmy
Episode 20: Timmy's Pet Problem
Episode 19: Timmy Goes Camping
Episode 18: Timmy's Treasure Trail
Episode 17: Timmy The Robot
Episode 16: Timmy's Tins
Episode 15: Timmy Bounces Back
Episode 14: Tidy Timmy
Episode 13: Timmy's Plane
Episode 12: Timmy's Birthday
Episode 11: Timmy's New Friend
Episode 10: Timmy's Tractor
Episode 9: Timmy Rings The Bell
Episode 8: Timmy's Truck
Episode 7: Timmy The Postman
Episode 6: Timmy Finds Treasure
Episode 5: Timmy Learns To Fly
Episode 4: Sweet Dreams Timmy
Episode 3: Timmy Gets Spooked
Episode 2: Sticky Timmy
Episode 1: Timmy Learns Magic
Episode 26: Timmy's Spring Surprise
Episode 25: Timmy's Mask
Episode 24: Timmy Brings A Smile
Episode 23: Timmy The Builder
Episode 22: Timmy's Puppet
Episode 21: Timmy The Train
Episode 20: Go Kart Timmy
Episode 19: Timmy Wants The Drum
Episode 18: Timmy Needs A Bath
Episode 17: Timmy Gets The Job Done
Episode 16: Timmy Afloat
Episode 15: Timmy Goes Bang
Episode 14: Snapshot Timmy
Episode 13: Timmy On Wheels
Episode 12: Timmy Tries To Hide
Episode 11: Timmy's Picnic
Episode 10: Timmy Plays Ball
Episode 9: Timmy Wants The Blues
Episode 8: Timmy Wants The Beret
Episode 7: Timmy Steals The Show
Episode 6: Timmy Says Sorry
Episode 5: Timmy Can't Dance
Episode 4: Timmy The Artist
Episode 3: Timmy Wants To Win
Episode 2: Timmy's Hiccup Cure
Episode 1: Timmy's Jigsaw