Time Trax (1993)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Crime , Sci-fi

Plot: Darien Lambert, Captain of the Fugitive Retrieval Section in the 22nd century, time-travels to the 20th century to capture 22nd century criminals who have escaped by time-traveling. He is armed with a PPT, a 3-button weapon that can render a man unconscious or send a man to the 22nd century. He has a computer named Selma, disguised as a credit card. Selma helps him to capture the fugitives, for she has access to various databases, and can make logical conclusions. She has also many other functions. The main criminal is Mo Sahmbi, who invented the time machine (TRAX) and helped the criminals to get away. Lambert cannot go to the 22nd century until he has captured all the fugitives. Read More



Episode 22: Forgotten Tomorrows
Episode 21: The Crash
Episode 20: Optic Nerve
Episode 19: The Scarlet Koala
Episode 18: Out For Blood
Episode 17: The Lottery
Episode 16: Cool Hand Darien
Episode 15: Split Image
Episode 14: The Last M.I.A.
Episode 13: Mother
Episode 12: Almost Human
Episode 11: The Dream Team
Episode 10: Catch Me If You Can
Episode 9: Perfect Pair
Episode 8: The Cure
Episode 7: Lethal Weapons
Episode 6: Happy Valley
Episode 5: The Gravity of It All
Episode 4: A Close Encounter
Episode 3: To Live and Die in Docker Flats
Episode 2: Missing
Episode 1: Return of the Yakuza
Episode 22: One on One
Episode 21: Darrow for the Defense
Episode 20: Photo Finish
Episode 19: Beautiful Songbird
Episode 18: Framed
Episode 17: The Mysterious Stranger
Episode 16: Little Boy Lost
Episode 15: Two Beans in a Wheel
Episode 14: Darien Comes Home
Episode 13: Revenge
Episode 12: Face of Death
Episode 11: The Price of Honor
Episode 10: Treasure of the Ages
Episode 9: Night of the Savage
Episode 8: The Contender
Episode 7: Death Takes a Holiday
Episode 6: The Prodigy
Episode 5: Showdown
Episode 4: Fire and Ice
Episode 3: To Kill a Billionaire
Episode 1: A Stranger In Time (1)